Junk Car Definition 

September 4, 2019

Question: "What Is a Junk Car?"

Answer: "When The Vehicle Cost too Much To Fix"

Junk Car Definition: An inoperable automobile in which the labor as well as the cost of the repair for returning a non running car, truck, suv or van back to tip top operable shape cost more to fix the automobile than what the vehicle is actually worth.

Simply put, the vehicle cost too much to fix.

In North America, a Junk Car is a form of vehicle title branding, which notes that the vehicle has been damaged and/or deemed a total loss by an insurance company or a certified mechanic declaring the repair of a vehicle will cost more than what the valued appraisal. That is the Definition Of A Junk Car 

Determination of aJunk Car 

In general, a vehicle is deemed "junk" when the insurer or certified mechanic determines that the repair or replacement cost is in excess of approximately 70% of its market value at the time of the accident or theft.

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